Want to make a little extra money on the side? Refer us to a home seller!

Do you know someone who needs to sell a house?

Effective October 1, 2016, Reddtrow has increased their referral payout to a minimum of $2,000. That’s right! Reddtrow Properties, LLC will pay a minimum $2,000 cash for any referral that leads to the successful sale of that property, regardless of condition.

We will pay you $100 when the seller of your lead signs a purchase contract and the remaining referral amount will be paid when we close.

$2,000 Cash for Referral

Here is how our referral program works.

  1. Find a homeowner that needs to sell their house.
  2. Give us a call, email or fill out our contact us form.
  3. We will schedule a property visit to review the condition of the property and present the owner with a no obligation as-is cash offer for their house.
  4. When the homeowner accepts our offer, we will immediately send you a check for $100. In addition, we will put your name in the contract to be paid at closing. We close at a title company to ensure that ownership is properly transferred
  5. When the property closes, you will receive your remaining referral fee. The title company will issue a check at closing, wire the money to your bank account, or send a check to you in the mail.

So, find a homeowner that needs to sell and contact us today!

Ready for your offer?