Joint Venture with Reddtrow Properties!

The process is simple, easy, and convenient.

  1. The wholesaler must be under contract with the owner on record. Submission of the original contract is required.
  2. The property under contract must be located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and no more 30 miles outside of the metroplex.
  3. All-in numbers (repairs and purchase price) for the deal must not exceed 75%–78% (depends on the location of property) of the ARV. Do not submit your deal if all-in numbers
    exceed 78% of the ARV.
  4. A photo link with interior and exterior photos. Google Drive or Dropbox are preferred.
  5. Complete property information.
  6. Joint venture proceeds between Reddtrow Properties and the wholesaler will be split 50/50.
If your wholesale deal meets these requirements, please click on submit JV deal to get started.
Complete submission forms will receive notification within 24-48 hours if your deal has been accepted.

Ready for your offer?