Want to make extra money on the side? Refer us to a home seller!

Generous referrals paid! Reddtrow Properties, LLC will pay a minimum of $2,000 for any direct to seller referral that leads to the successful sale of that property, regardless of the condition.

A direct to seller lead is a lead or prospect directly from the owner and not from a third party. Ex: Realtor, Wholesaler, etc..

Do you know someone who needs to sell a house? Do you come across vacant lots and houses? How about fire damaged houses or other properties in distress?

Please watch the video below and read How Our Referral Program Works.

How Our Referral Program Works:

  1. Find a property. We prefer properties in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Properties located in other major cities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. What are we looking for?  Check ‘Type of Referral’ on our referral lead form.
  3. Complete referral form and submit information.
  4. We will qualify each lead within 24-72 hours. We will send an email if your lead does not qualify. {Leads that don’t qualify: properties sold within last six (6) months, an incomplete referral lead form, leads listed on Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, internet search properties, or properties under contract with an investor}
  5. Photos are not necessary. However, leads that include three (3) different exterior photos will receive a $1.00 per lead.
  6. Once we determine your lead qualifies, we will contact the owner.
  7. If the owner is interested in selling, we will schedule a property visit to review the condition of the property and present the owner with a no obligation as-is cash offer for their house.
  8. When the homeowner accepts our offer (sign a purchase contract with us), we will immediately send you a check for $100. In addition, we will put your name on the settlement statement (Hud) to be paid at closing. We close at a title company to ensure that ownership is properly transferred.
  9. When the property closes, you will receive your remaining referral fee. The title company will issue a check at closing, wire the money to your bank account, or send a check to you in the mail.
  10.  Please contact us (call/text office #) first before submitting referral leads outside the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. We are focusing on certain areas in the U.S. and your lead may not qualify.

The process is simple, easy, and convenient!

What are you waiting for? Take action today!

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