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The 1st Day of Spring Was Saturday – Let’s Do Something About Spring Cleaning!

Spring has finally arrived! The birds are happily chirping outside, and the flowers are starting to bloom in abundance, but when you look inside the house it still feels like winter… It is time…

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Dallas-Fort Worth Home Values are Projected to Keep Rising

Dallas-Fort Worth’s housing market has been forecasted to be one of the hottest ones in the United States this year.  It has been suggested that the home prices in this area will continue to…

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Will the June 2021 Extension of Forbearance Plans Lead to a Tsunami of Foreclosures?

As we know, the forbearance on foreclosures has been extended until June 30, 2021! Though this break from paying mortgages and other loans have been a sigh of relief to so many, it has also been the…

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The Eviction Moratorium Is Distressing for Renters and Landlords

As I’m sure you are all well aware, the whole world is currently facing a pandemic of respiratory disease, known as “COVID-19”. It is important for everyone to know that this highly infectious…

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The 4 Most Common Reasons Why Homeowners Sell to Investors

  Most homeowners in America are quite an unsettled bunch and tend to pack up and move every five years or so. There are many different reasons why people choose to sell their homes and…

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30% of all house fires occur in November, December and January

The fire departments in the United States respond to an average of 353 100 house fires every year. The number of casualties and injuries caused by these fires are devastating, and so is the billions…

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“Sell my Distressed House!” Real Client Experiences

When you choose a real estate investor to help you with your distressed property, you want to work with someone who has real life experience with real people, and even more relevant, someone who has…

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Rental Property

Tired Landlords, do you Need to Sell your Rental Property?

As a landlord, you wear a lot of hats. You are the property owner so all the financial responsibility is legally on you. You might be the plumber, handyman, rent collector and property manager.…

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Real Estate Investor

How do I find a Reputable
Real Estate Investor?

It is important if you’re considering selling your house to a real estate investor that you do your due diligence to find a reputable firm. In light of the recent news of real estate scams here…

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Inherited House

Help! I just Inherited a House in Dallas / Fort Worth!

Coping with the passing of a loved one can be extremely difficult. As you’re grieving your loss, you may have important decisions to make regarding your loved one’s property and belongings,…

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