Home improvements that give you the best return for resale, are the kind of enhancements that will not only add great value to your home’s price but to your family’s life while you’re still living there as well.

But let us face the truth here – a lot of the projects you take on to improve your home simply doesn’t give you the same kind of return you typically witness on home renovation TV shows. 

This is why knowing what kind of projects you can get the most value out of is so important. So many of the projects people think will be what adds value, are actually what recoup more costs leading to serious loss.

This can easily be avoided!

The following 6 projects have been found to be the best home improvements that one can make in order to get your house resold for a profit. This is how you, as an average homeowner, can get the best return for your investment:

  •  Remodel The Kitchen Slightly

We all have seen how aesthetically appealing and modern it looks when an entire kitchen has been upgraded on a reality TV show, but in truth, it does not add greatly to the resale value. A partial upgrade on the other hand can add more value, while still making the kitchen look brand new. Set your sights on rather simply upgrading your kitchen’s countertops, floor tiles and cabinetry with new materials. You could also swap out your old appliances, light fixtures and bulbs for newer and more energy-efficient ones.

  •  Replace The Garage Door 

This project is recommended by experts as one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make to your home to recoup your initial cost! It is generally advised to install a new garage door with windows running along its upper panel, that has a lifetime warranty, and comes with galvanized steel tracks that are durable and strong.

  •  Remodel The Bathroom

Here, like with the kitchen, you also don’t have to go way out in upgrading everything within your bathroom. The only things you need to replace are your outdated tub, with a porcelain-on-steel one instead, surrounding it with ceramic tiles, as well as a new shower head. A few additional beneficial replacements you can make include a new toilet, floor tiles, sink and countertop, as well as the medicine cabinet. 

  •  New Wooden Deck

Walking out through the back door and onto a wooden deck is a very attractive and inviting feature to any home. Make sure that it has stairs, possibly a bench, or a place where people can sit, as well as built-in plant potters that can be very beneficial to the resale value of your home.

  •  Synthetic Decorative Stone Siding 

Stone siding on houses is very tasteful and stylish. Real stone, however, can get much too expensive, which is why the cheaper stone veneer siding that’s manufactured is the perfect substitute. Buyers will be very pleased with the curb appeal this adds to the house, and you will most definitely be recouped for it. There are many ways to do this, but the most cost-efficient way is to divide the outside walls of your house into thirds and place the stone veneer siding on the lower portions, especially the side of your home facing the street. By outlining the front entryway with this same stone veneer, could add to the attractiveness of it as well. 

  •  Siding Renewal

Then last but not least, this is a valued project in the sense that it makes the house look much newer than it is. At all corners and openings, replace the siding around the house with the factory trim and watch how you recoup the cost from the resale of your home!

One of the greatest investments we can make in life is buying a home, and though the ideal is to live in it for a long time, you never know what the future holds. For whatever reason, you might have to move and sell your home one day.

So, until this day arrives, no matter the project of improvement you aim to take on around the house, treat each as an investment. Avoid letting these upgrades cut into your profit!

By doing these 6 home improvement projects explained within this article, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the best possible return at the resale of your property!

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