Real Estate Options and Bankruptcy

Financial distress or hardship is difficult to navigate. For many people who filed bankruptcy, there was another option that would have been a better solution. Our company specializes in solving real estate problems for people who are in bankruptcy or who are just coming out of bankruptcy. If you ever find yourself facing a real estate dilemma or in need of financial assistance, our company may be able to help you. We will work for you and explore every option possible depending on your individual needs.

There are many reasons that can cause someone to consider filing for bankruptcy. Maybe you’re unemployed and unable to find work. Perhaps you’ve had unforeseen medical issues that have resulted in bills. Even divorce can mean major life changes in your financial stability.

Basics of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

– Allows an individual to walk away from all debt
– Can sell nonexempt property to pay creditors
– Typically takes 3-5 months to receive discharge
– Involves liquidation of debt

How does filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy affect your house? Homeowners will have to sell in order to pay off creditors. Why not save your credit and sell your house now in order to avoid damaging your credit?

Basics of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

– Reorganization of debt into manageable payment plan
– Can keep nonexempt property and catch up on missed mortgage payments
– Typically takes 3-5 years to receive discharge
– Involves repayment of debt through payment plan with regular income

How does filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy affect your house? You should know that a majority of homeowners in foreclosure file bankruptcy to buy time in their home. It’s a temporary solution, and often only prolongs the inevitable. Bankruptcy does not work for 95% of people because it does not get rid of the debt and you will end up owing even more money once the bankruptcy is over.

You have Options if You’re Facing Bankruptcy

Call today so we can discuss all of your possible options. All calls are completely confidential and do not cost you anything! The more information you have the better prepared you will be. Our company offers a variety of options that are based on your individual situation. Get the facts about bankruptcy that will help you make wise decisions for your future. Don’t wait another minute to call us. All consultations come with no obligation and are free!

Avoid bankruptcy and save your credit.

Disclaimer: This information should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with an Attorney or financial professional to determine what may be best for your individual situation.

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