Sell your Ugly, Neglected House in Dallas / Fort Worth

Houses fall into disrepair or distress for many different reasons, some simply because they are old! We buy ugly, vacant houses in Dallas and Fort Worth with a variety of problems, including:

  • Termite or other insect infestations
  • Houses vacant for any reason
  • Houses with broken down exteriors
  • Old and outdated fixtures and flooring
  • Foundation problems
  • Mold and/or mildew issues
  • No air conditioning or lack of indoor air quality and ventilation
  • Outdated floorplan (functionally obsolete)
  • Roof that needs replaced, or another expensive repair that is required
  • Damage from some kind of natural disaster like fire, flood or tornado

If you’ve got an ugly house in Dallas or Fort Worth, or a house that has been vacant for a while, all is not lost. While not all vacant houses are distressed properties, it is commonplace. A distressed property can still be sold, and it doesn’t have to continue to cause you financial distress if you are struggling. Do you know how much your vacant house is costing you? Are you considering making some of the repairs but wondering if it’s going to be worth your time and money? We can help you with that decision, by assisting you with determining the value of your home. This is a FREE service that we offer.

Should you try to sell your vacant, neglected, or ugly house on the market in DFW?

It depends on the condition of the home. Has the property been neglected? Buyers can be picky but one thing is for sure: don’t deny the condition of your home. If you only have minor problems that won’t be too costly to fix, your best bet may be to clean up the house and get it “show-ready.” Try to get rid of any lingering smells, mow the grass, and appeal to an individual buyer as much as possible.

Has the house been properly maintained? Think about plumbing, the roof, air ducts, appliances, the condition of the driveway and landscaping. Would it be attractive to potential buyers from the exterior? Consider the cost of paying the mortgage while you try to sell it on the market, and also consider the cost of updates that a buyer may want prior to a sale.

Need to sell your vacant house fast? Do you want to get your distressed property off your hands? Do you have a lot of equity in the house? You can still sell your home and get cash for it, without making expensive repairs. What is the right option for your individual situation?

Call Reddtrow at 214-306-9740 for a completely free consultation. We want to hear your real estate story and help you make the best decision for your vacant or ugly house in Dallas / Fort Worth.

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