Know your Options after a House Fire

A house fire will change your life in more ways than one could ever imagine. Knowing your options after fire damage puts you and your family ahead of the game and will make this experience a little more manageable and less stressful. During this time you need to know that you have options. We are here to help you navigate and assess all the options for your fire damaged home.

When should you rebuild/restore, and when should you sell a fire damaged home as is?

Depending on the extent of the damage, to rebuild a house from inside out and top to bottom may take 3-4 months with an experienced fire damage expert contractor. The completion date will be much longer for a contractor not experienced with such a project. Selling the house in “as is” condition for a fair price is a quick solution but may result in the homeowner coming out of pocket if the insurance proceeds and sale price do not cover the payoff of the mortgage and other encumbrances.

Get fire damage restoration bids independent from the insurance company

The importance of a comprehensive fire damage repair assessment is critical. The insurance company’s adjuster will assess the damage but remember, the adjuster is working for or is employed by the insurance company. An expert fire damage contractor can act on your behalf in negotiating with the insurance company in obtaining an impartial settlement.

Consider using a public adjuster

A public adjuster is an advocate working solely on the behalf of the policyholder. Their goal is to negotiate a better settlement with the insurance company’s adjuster and expedite the claims process. A public adjuster may be able to negotiate a higher amount after the policyholder has received their settlement from the insurance company.

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