Spring has finally arrived! The birds are happily chirping outside, and the flowers are starting to bloom in abundance, but when you look inside the house it still feels like winter…

It is time to SPRING clean! It is time to freshen up your home and revitalize your life!

This might seem like an intimidating task, but we are here to tell you that it does not have to be. It may even become something that you look forward to, with these 5 spring cleaning tips and tricks!

Go From Room To Room

While going about cleaning your home, try focusing on one room at a time. Even making a “Cleaning Checklist” could help you to get more organized and know which rooms will need some additional time and attention, or which ones you will need to tackle first.

Clear Up All The Clutter

This is undeniably one of the most important parts of spring cleaning your home. Getting rid of items cluttering your home is the first and biggest step in getting organized and cleaning effectively.

The most efficient way to go about this is by sorting your things into four separate categories as follow:

  1. Trash
  2. Give Away
  3. Store
  4. Put Away

Sort your belongings accordingly and try and rid your home of its clutter as soon as you can. There are so many options to consider here, such as putting together a donation box to give away to charity or you can organize a garage/yard sale!

Involve Other House Members

Try and get everyone in the household involved in the spring-cleaning process! Whether they are roommates, a spouse or children, assign and include them accordingly. Even crank up the music as you go about cleaning the home together, and you can even promise a certain reward at the end of the cleaning day.

Get Some Outdoor Chores Done

As the weather gets warmer, it is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning outside of the house as well! Tackle the grill, the patio, and the outside of the windows around the house. If you are up for it, even plant yourself some beautiful flowers in your garden to give your home an even greater refreshed and “ready-for-spring” look and feel. 

Get A Good All-Purpose Cleaner  

Try and use as few cleaning products possible to clean your home with to keep them from also adding to the clutter! Aim to rather buy an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths, which can be utilized on most surfaces around the house. Only opt for other supplies and cleaning products where necessary.

Remember that it is also important to set some new and ongoing cleaning habits while you are at it this year. This will make your next spring-cleaning endeavour next spring so much easier and quicker!

And also keep in mind that you will make it so much harder on yourself when you try to spring clean everything within a weekend, much less in a day. Rather aim for 15 – 30 minutes a day that you dedicate to spring cleaning certain areas according to your checklist. 

This will effectively get you into the habit of tidying up and spring cleaning as you go right through the season before spring comes around again.

Happy Spring-Cleaning Everyone!!!

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