When you decide to sell your home, you have different options. Choosing between a realtor or a professional investor depends on your situation, needs concerning time frame and the condition of your home. There are times when realtors are the best option, and there are other times when an investor might be the best option for a home seller. Dallas/Fort Worth is a hotbed of real estate activity with a lot of realtors who are great at their job. They sell houses! There are also reputable investment companies that can buy your house quickly. How should you decide? Let us highlight some differences you should be aware of when considering an investor vs. realtor. We can help you figure out which process is the best for you.

When working with a Realtor to sell your house:

Your house will be “listed” on the open market through the well-known Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The job of a realtor is to market your home and connect you with potential buyers, attracting those who are best qualified. Some, not all, realtors will set false expectations and list your home for far more than it is worth, thus wasting your time as a seller. They will charge you a commission to sell your property, that’s how realtors make their money. There is no guarantee if, when, and how much your property will sell for. It can take a great deal of time. You may be asked to come down on your price several times if you’re not getting offers. Buyers using an FHA loan may not be able to buy your house if the condition does not pass FHA guidelines. You might need to make repairs so the buyer can close. Another main point of working with a realtor is that they will be showing your home to potential buyers. This means you’ve got to keep your home just about spotless in case a possible buyer wants to look at your home. If you’ve got time, want retail, and want to cash out of your house then using a realtor might be the right option for you!

Working with an independent Real Estate Investor:

Investors do not want to list your property. This is the main difference between using a real estate investor and a realtor. Investors buy your house outright, rather than listing your house for sale. Because they’re buying your house, investors typically do not charge any fees or commissions. Going with an independent real estate investor means you can expect a cash offer for your house in Dallas or Fort Worth within hours. Most investors pay closing costs and will close quickly, usually within a week or two. This option is best if you are in a position of financial hardship, like after the loss of a job or in the event of the death of a loved one. Have you tried selling your house with a realtor but you’re not getting any offers? This might be a good option for you. Many homeowners choose to use an investor because they don’t want to make home repairs, they want a quick fair offer from a qualified cash buyer, or they need to sell quickly.

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to use a real estate home buying company is because they don’t want people coming in and out of their house for showings. It can be a hassle, and time consuming. If you have children and/or pets keeping a home “show-worthy” is daunting.

Don’t be afraid of exploring all your options. Consider your needs and your situation as you decide to use a realtor or an investment firm like Reddtrow. Call us at 214-306-9740 and ask any questions you have, and be sure to check out our testimonials to see for yourself the kind of company we are. Our sole purpose is to help homeowners get connected to the selling options that best fit their situation.

Author: Sandra Nesbitt

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