Most homeowners in America are quite an unsettled bunch and tend to pack up and move every five years or so. There are many different reasons why people choose to sell their homes and relocate, which generally involves personal, financial, location or size concerns.

Whatever the motivation behind it, if a home is not suitable for one family anymore, it can surely be the perfect dream home for another!

Once the decision has been made to sell, homeowners can typically look at two selling options. They can either list their property with a real estate agent, or they can decide to sell directly to a real estate investor. 

Selling your home to a real estate investor can be considered the best solution to most of the concerns and headaches homeowners tend to face in the selling process!

Here we will look at four of the most common reasons why so many homeowners are making the decision to sell their homes to real estate investors, instead of going the realtor route:

Being Able to Sell in Any Condition

Many hard to sell houses are plagued with extensive damages and overdue repairs, which can easily add up to a lot of time and money spent unnecessarily. Not only can fixing a home cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but it can also take MONTHS of your time! Real estate investors are experts in the restoration of homes and are more than willing to buy houses as-is, in any condition. If this is not a compelling enough reason to sell to real estate investors already, the next one is usually an effective arm-twister!

Immediate Cash

Some people in dire financial circumstances are in desperate need of immediate cash. Real estate investors buy houses directly from homeowners for cash. This is the easiest and fastest way to get immediate money in your pocket selling a home.

Guarantees a Quick Close

Taking the traditional route by listing your house on the MLS, usually takes months to close! And this is even after a buyer was found and an agreement on a price had been reached… Real estate investors, on the other hand, can make an immediate cash offer and are able to close on a deal within a week!

Don’t Pay Commissions or Closing Costs

By selling to real estate investors, homeowners can hold on to thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been lost on realtor commissions and closing costs!

Do you want your home to be a quick and easy sale? Do you want cash paid and made available to you instantly? Do you want to save time and money? Contact us today and let us help you get the best deal possible for your home!

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